1 : 1 Lifestyle Coaching

1 : 1 Lifestyle Coaching

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This one to one coaching vault meant to empower women globally by creating a safe space to develop deeper self love and clarity. Cultivating an inspirational environment where woman can become masters at the manifestation of their life. 

This offerings main purpose is to deep dive into what limiting beliefs are potentially holding you back, support you in releasing them and get you on the track to carve the path to the life you desire.

☆ Release Resistance 
☆ Reveal your Potential 
☆ Restore your Alignment

This exclusive, one-on-one Transformation Co-Creation, is designed for High Performance Players, carefully selected by Shondra, to reveal the next level of your highest potential. 

During this commitment, you will dive deeper with your relationship to source consciousness, release resistance and blockages where needed, in order for you to become the ultimate magnetic match to the life you desire. 

Restoring the mind, body, soul connection using holistic methods, mindset hacks, energetics, rituals for thriving and SoulFUL MoveMEANT Medicine is Shondra's specialty and sharing it with YOU is her purpose on this planet. 

Take the leap! Join her in this supportive container, stepping into your optimum alignment and connectivity of work, life, and spiritual balance. We are all built for something ... The world is waiting for you to step into your full brilliance. There is no better time than NOW.

Tools available to you:

☆ Development of Rituals for Thriving ☆ Uniquely carved path to the life you desire ☆ Unlimited access to via phone, text, email & voice note on Telegram ☆ 1, one hour Weekly Scheduled Zoom Calls ☆ Customized Plant Medicine Regimens ☆ Personalized Workout & Nutritional Guidance ☆ SoulFUL MoveMEANT Medicine for body restoration & rehabilitation ☆ 2, 2 day in person transformative retreats ☆ Monthly High Vibrational Deliveries                                                                            
**Each member will also receive a generous welcome package full of High Vibrational Treasures to assist in their Wellness Transformation**

Commitment Options:

3 Month

6 Month

1 Year


*Investment Starting at 6k

*Non refundable deposit required

*Monthly payment installments available 

*Limited Openings Available

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