Aura Unveiled | Mastermind

Aura Unveiled | Mastermind

*Next Session Begins January 2023*


Step into my 8 month container to reclaim your joy, health, sovereignty and alchemize your life. Working diligently from the inside out, it is time to Unveil your Aura.

You deserve a life that is EPIC. Release all resistance and align with the abundance you are meant to receive. Everything you need and desire is within you, I will just gracefully assist your ability to reveal it.

This virtual vault is meant to empower women globally by creating a safe space to develop deeper self love and clarity. Cultivating an inspirational environment where woman can become masters at the manifestation of their life.

Having had over 20 years experience in successfully manifesting my life and career dreams, I want to give back by sharing my favorite tips & tricks to help guide others do the same.

Through new shared content and guidance each month 
I will help you align your attention & daily rituals for thriving to produce tangible results for your work life balance.

This offerings main purpose is to:

☆ Release Resistance
☆ Reveal your Potential
☆ Restore your Alignment

Each member will receive log in details for their member vault upon joining where you will find your access to various types of content.

In addition, you will authentically be provided tools, resources when available through the collective via a private telegram group, book club and 2 challenges during the course of the year.

Tools you will receive:

☆ Access to detailed modules in private, online platform
☆ Weekly Group Coaching Calls
☆ Private Online Community
☆ Guest Speakers

In addition to the course you will also receive a welcome gift

 Investment - $2,111 

☆ ADD ON: 8 Private Coaching

 Investment - $4,111

Payment Options Available 

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