Reclamation |  A Healing Retreat

Reclamation | A Healing Retreat

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Don't think of this as a "vacation" this ... is a RECLAMATION! 

Reclaim your mental, physical and spiritual well being by joining us on our Healing Retreat. We can only truly show up for ourselves and others when we take the time to show up for OURSELVES to relax, relate, release and reboot.

In order to do this we must work inward to outward ... releasing stress, anxiety, fear and making room for profound, magical, delicious FREEDOM. 

You know you came to this planet for a specific mission, and that your life has a purpose. You feel the calling for growth & you are ready to step into your potential power. It is time to take care of your health, access your brilliance, claim a deeper consciousness, & share your gifts with the world.

For the health & wellness seekers following the call of transformative growth, on a mission to live the life of your dreams, we must not only begin the journey but be IN the journey.

This Collective Healers Retreat will align & catalyze the reclamation of your self worth, gifts & purpose while grounding you, enhancing your reconnection with nature and her medicine and supporting you with the nourishing structure systems to grow into your true god/goddess self. 

What's included?

* ​Your 6 day, 5 night Stay at (insert resort) in Costa Rica.                                                

* Transportation To and From the Airport (During set time windows)                                                                      

* Welcome Gift

* 3 Organic Meals a Day                                                                                                               

* Level One Medicinal Aromatherapy Training with Wisdom of the Earth 

* Medicinal Aromatherapy Kit & Book

* Daily Healing Sessions; Activation, Meditation, Movement, Journaling, Sound Healing + More

* Excursions in Nature

* Amenities (of resort) 

* VIP Telegram Group for Support Pre & Post Retreat

* High value mentorship with Shondra, Justine & John throughout your retreat                                     

* Holistic Healing Experience Overall


**Note: Full Itinerary and Boarding details To Come

Triple, Double and Single Rooms Available 

Investment starting at $4,111

Non refundable deposit required
ONLY 18 spot available 

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Reserve Your Room (Deposit required)