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Golden Emerald Aura Candles

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These beautiful natural wood wick candles are a special vibrational upgrade, hand poured with love & perfect for any sacred space.

The "peace" engraving on the wick is a nice aesthetic touch, not only carrying a peaceful energy into any room but its thickness allows for a wondrous even burn inside the golden vessel, causing a perfect glow and throw for the aroma of your choice right down to the very bottom. 

Each and every scent has its own special quality. They are all so delightful you won't know which one to burn first! 

Go with the Flow | Notes of Violet & Saffron 

Peace, Love & Roses | Notes of Rose Pedals and Gelato 

Aura Cleanse | Cleansing aroma of Paulo Santo 

Loves Me, Loves Me Not | A lovely fresh floral Bouquet

Relaxed State of Mind | Lavender & Driftwood 

HonkyTonk | Spiced Honey and Tobacco 

Sparkle Me Pink | The uplifting scent of Pink Grapefruit 

Coco Kisses | Who doesn't love the way the house smells when you make brownies ...

Coconut Dreams | Coconut and Sandalwood 

Zen Den | Notes of Black Coral and Moss 

Japanese Garden | Fresh blooming Cherry Blossoms 

Tiki Time | Think Caribbean Vacation in a jar. Coconut paired with a bit of spice